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Bespoke Theme Development
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Email Marketing

For the last 5 years we have worked with Chained + Able and supported them during their rise from a small local business in to a global market leader.

The evolution of the Chained + Able brand has required us to adapt our Shopify solution to keep up with the ever-growing, fast-moving UK based jewellery company.

Through every iteration of the Chained + Able Shopify store, we have made calculated changes based on data. We used customer analytical data to design and develop a bespoke Shopify theme that was not only the theme the client wanted, but a theme the customer needed.

Over the last 12 months, we have helped Chained + Able maintain sales during a difficult transition period as they slowly made the change from selling costume jewellery, to luxury sterling silver pieces. This pivot required us to demonstrate our flexibility and ability to redevelop a store to adapt to their new customer base.

Chained + Able have used our Conversion Rate Optimisation, Email Marketing, Bespoke Theme Development and Consultancy services to achieve their bespoke Shopify solution and maintain sales during such an important time in their lifecycle.

For 2020, Chained + Able are hoping to increase their sales in Sterling Silver and increase their existing and new customer sales. We are looking forward to working closely with them to achieve their goals.


Published January 6, 2020

This post was written by Ben Hall