Whether you are looking to develop a new e-commerce site or to improve your current presence, you need a partner who understands the challenges of selling online and its potential. At Block Digital, we offer a cost-effective, enterprise-level e-commerce solution especially designed for businesses on a budget without sacrificing quality. With a transparent costing structure we deliver industry-standard, robust platforms designed to get your business selling online with ease.


Chained + Able



Our Start & Grow package is designed for clients who need an online shopping presence quickly on a limited budget. This solution enables clients to set up a store to begin selling online easily. This solution is not the full package, it has been designed to provide a platform for our clients to start selling fast and grow their business. Most store owners use this solution to generate enough revenue to upgrade to a more robust solution.



Our Frameworked Solution is designed for clients who are after semi-bespoke functionality on a limited budget. This solution includes a semi-bespoke Shopify theme and a list of bespoke features. This solution is built on our unique Shopify framework that provides the store owner with bespoke, customisable sections. Custom: Home, Product, Collection and Cart pages provide a somewhat bespoke solution without the price tag.



Our Bespoke Solutions is designed for clients who want a fully customised online store presence. We design and develop all of the files for the Shopify theme delivering to our clients’ exact requirements. Our bespoke solutions are designed to be fully customisable to allow our clients to maintain their store on their own accord. A fully bespoke theme provides our client’s customer’s with a completely unique shopping experience. Our bespoke solutions are built for: Speed, SEO and Conversions.


By continuously analysing the performance of your store, our support offering can help you to identify areas of weakness, make improvements where necessary and maximise conversions.

With monthly analytics reports we are able to track your stores performance with insights into potential areas of improvement. Any changes and improvements are proven with a minimum of two A/B tests to run on your site so you can be sure of maximised conversion potential.

Our ongoing support offering also includes an email marketing, design and development service helping to generate traffic for your store.

Our services:

Conversion rate optimisation
Email Marketing